text walking postcard poems

Earlier this summer I was actually thinking (well, hoping) that Regina Walks would be the final piece of the poetic and the pandemic project, but I made a commitment to myself that I would carry on with the project for however long we were living with this pandemic. So when we found ourselves into a fourth wave this summer, the questions for me became: How to continue on with this project, when I felt that I needed to give myself, especially my eyes, a break from the intensive process of video editing? How to continue the project while also opening up space for the exploratory work I want to and need to be doing for a new project that is already underway? And how to keep working on both while not forgetting about self care?

What feels manageable and feels right for me, right now, is to work on the poetic and the pandemic by continuing to go text walking and working with my gathered material to write short, text walking postcard poems.

I will post the new poems here on this page as they are completed. And I’ll use them to write and mail out some postcard letters as well.

(Thursday, September 23rd, 2021)

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