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oskana kâ-asastêki

An arrival on Thursday, June 10th, 2021.

While I was in the midst of working on the text walking piece, Regina Walks, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail. A package from Barbara Meneley, with a lovely drawing of the text walking routes that she did for the Regina Walks project. My immediate response was one of “WOW” – “what a generous offering this is. It’s such an unexpected and beautiful surprise.”

The inscription on the back of the drawing reads, “Text Walks for Baco / oskana kâ-asastêki / (Regina) / Barbara Meneley / 2021”

This piece now hangs on a wall beside where I work, so I look at it often. It brings back fond memories of the whole process of working on Regina Walks, and the generosity of all those who text walked Regina for me. It reminds me of how wonderful it can be to work with others, even during a global pandemic, and maybe especially during a time like this, when there are so many shifting restrictions that are a part of our daily lives. And this drawing makes me grateful beyond words, for old friends as well as for new friendships made.

I will admit that as this pandemic has gone on, and on, I have been finding it more difficult to write the letters I want to write. I’m not exactly sure why, but even when my plan, and intention, and desire is to pick up my pen and write or to send something in the mail that I’ve been meaning to send to someone, more often than not during this past year, it has felt increasingly difficult to do. I am hoping however, that 2022 will feel different – that I will regain the energy to follow through with more of the things I want to do, and to share more of what I’ve been meaning and wanting to share, here on this website and in other places and parts of my life as well.

(Wednesday, January 5th, 2022)

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