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Text walking in the shared space of the street, I glean and gather words with my phone. Then later, sensing my way, I begin to build these ICI pages. ICI is an unbound and unfinished bookwork of everyday poetics, created en collaboration avec Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

The following are a few of the pages of ICI that I began to build in the summer of 2017, writing the stanzas using only words found and photographed on Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

silent wings projecting déclarations d’expérience / simple, uncomplicated returns of fusion
yes! écrivez-nous with tag team motion / poesia for the city
oh, the places years ouvert / dans la nuit de lumière
l’original slush of blood tears / crush against loose truth
it is as if thunder hinged wonder, to welcome mellow mercy
fold open time, and hold in the palm of your hand / les espaces de demain
what if, presents a found round / a lucky raw collective, made in Montréal

*   *   *

I lived in Montréal at two transitional stages of my life, and it was there that I began to be aware of sound’s impact on my creative practice. It was also there that I began to understand some of the felt complexities that exist for me, between language and body. On a recent return visit, I decided to try text walking in the streets of Montréal, working with the felt and the found, with both French and English.

(Friday, September 8th, 2017)

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