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even after all these years . . .

This quote by Rilke, inked on a napkin and passed to me during a trans-Atlantic flight many years ago, continues to stir the quiet and the life in me.

(February 12th, 2021)

4 thoughts on “even after all these years . . .”

  1. Norman?

    When I saw this comment, I found myself wondering if this is the Norman that I think it is. If so, it certainly has been many years. Maybe even more than 33 years?


      1. Norman, it is you! It’s amazing to connect after all these years. Yes, you are right, almost half a century. Btw, if you want to get a glimpse of something I started working on, text walking Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, you can check out ‘ICI’ (it’s an unbound bookwork I started in 2017).

        Don’t know if you feel comfortable doing it, but if you are, can you email me with your home address? That way, I can write you a handwritten note.

        Thanks for posting a comment here. It is so good to hear from you.


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