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fall into winter

This still from the video is the beginning of the short poem to anchor in song.

This fall into winter video is part two of the poetic and the pandemic project.

From September until the end of December 2020, I continued to go out text walking in local neighbourhoods and with the material gathered on those walks I wrote a series of short poems. In part one of the poetic and the pandemic, the short poems were haiku. However, as the pandemic carried on and as the imposed restrictions grew, I felt the need to loosen the parameters I set for this project and for myself.

The months of working on this piece were challenging, because of the pandemic of course, but also in other ways. Maybe at a future time, I’ll come back to this website and share more about what the past five months were like for me and my creative process. 

(January 29th, 2021)

*   *   *

Earlier I tried adding closed captions to this video because I wanted to find a way for the short poems to be visibly present as written lines of text, for those who needed it or wanted it. But the closed captions just didn’t feel right with this piece and initially fall into winter was posted without the added layer of the written poems.

I continued to play with the video however, trying out various ways of adding visible lines of text. Now, in this version of the video – photographic images, my voice, and the written lines of the short poems together share the space of fall into winter

It’s been interesting for me to play around with versions of this video. The editing/building process has felt at times, kind of like a dance – always there are nuances felt in the body, as decisions are made (intuitively; rationally; led by challenges and by the parameters I set out for myself, or by the continually changing circumstances in which we live and work). The addition of written text definitely changes the experience of the piece, and these shifts in experience have given me more to ponder and to consider as I carry on. As always, the process of creating has been a learning process, and one which I am so thankful for.

(February 24th, 2021)

*   *   *

This video is under 12 minutes in length. If you find the text a bit blurry, click on the ‘settings’ symbol at the bottom of the video & choose 1080p.

2 thoughts on “fall into winter”

  1. Another beautiful piece, Baco! Thank you for sharing this with us. I found the transition of emotions from September to yum in December very nicely placed. We need more of these! Can I subscribe to your page so that I know when you post again? I have to listen to this piece again as I loved the ‘o happy’ poem, esp. the last ‘could be’ line and telegraph the stars.

  2. THANK YOU Sukh.

    I’m glad you enjoyed some of the poems and phrasing. Since during the pandemic I’ve been sticking pretty close to home, I’m often walking some of the same streets, even if my routes might change. Still the streets continue to surprise and delight me. My neighbourhood walks don’t always end up leading to a poem but I’m always amazed when they do.

    About subscriptions: no, sorry, I don’t use this kind of function on my website. I’ve considered it in the past when others have asked, but in the end I decided not to use it. Perhaps because I prefer this space to function a bit like a studio, where a friend or even someone I don’t know can just pop by for a visit, and roam around for awhile if they wish. Too bad I can’t offer a cup of tea or coffee when you visit here (on this website I mean). That would be great, if I could.

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