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In December, when we were in New York City, I did some text walking. And over the holidays and into the new year I sat with the photographs, wondering what, if anything, would come from this gathered material. On different days I tried to work with the photographs and words but it never felt quite right . . . until this month . . . when the poem this, the result of a journey surfaced.


the result of a journey 

we, who the books open & fold 

explore memories, unsweetened



to embody the unplugged history 

of local dust. 

voices resisting shallow dreams 

& like you, I take the risk

edge luck 

roll with the wind’s intimate magic. 

here, peculier practices 

are no small pull —

a blind clairvoyant shakes little words 


psychic readings, scaffolding chance 

within everyday life —

stories broken 

to hear inside the question.

I’m still working with the photographs that led to this poem. I’m curious to see what they might do and what they might feel like, when paced within a minute of video . . . or how they might be read and felt if worked in another format. This part of my process is simply a continuation of trying things out, of listening, of playing with the material, and trying to be present as I sense my way.

Then again, maybe in the end this poem and audio recording along with this one photograph is all that this, needs.

(February 10th, 2023)

* * *

This video is 1 minute 12 seconds in length.

I did end up making a text walking short video version of the poem.

(February 13, 2023)

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