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making sense

This piece is a part of a project that I started building back in 2004, called making sense. I am posting this image here because in a way this piece feels like the beginning of wings walking water or perhaps I should more accurately say, it feels like a beginning.

The jellyfish image, which is one of the images I’ve used for this project, comes from a colour photograph that my friend Yoko Glueck took during a trip back to Japan. With her permission to alter and to use the photograph for this project, I cropped it and transformed it into a black and white image, moving it closer to text (at least in my mind).

Thanks Yoko, for allowing me to bring your photograph of jellyfish into this project.

(Monday, July 22nd, 2013)

*   *   *

I’ve always thought of this project as a bookwork. Unbound and without one linear way of reading the story, the 53 pages (each consisting of two parts) of this work developed over time. And the pages have been dispersed over the years — sometimes passed from hand to hand, sometimes sent through the mail, at times as a singular page or as a grouping of pages, and occasionally with pages arriving over a span of time. Each arrival offering a different version of a story.

(March 22nd, 2017)

*   *   *

*   *   *

In 2006, I created seven making sense / wondering wandering cushions, that were silkscreened on the front and back.

*   *   *

Earlier on this page I said that making sense “feels like a beginning” of wings walking water. While it does and has felt this way to me, I realize that I’ve been working with and thinking about water and writing, page and body, the spoken and the heard, and portability long before I started the making sense project. So really, I guess that wings walking water goes back to the 90s for me, starting with pieces like RED POEMS OF RAIN AND VOICE and Water Stories.

(Thursday, February 8th, 2017)

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