everyday poetics (postcard series)

everyday poetics is an ongoing postcard series that I started in August 2017. I began this project as a way to keep working, even when my body or other circumstances made it difficult to immerse myself in works that demanded more of me. And now it has simply become a part of my practice. I also started this series as a way of being in touch with others, letting the particular images chosen for each postcardie letter to offer a partial telling. The images, I feel, say as much as what I write on the backs.

There are currently 175 postcards in this everyday poetics series (as of January 5, 2021). Below are some of the earlier ones.


everyday poetics (hope) – February 24, 2020


everyday poetics (free roll) – March 13, 2020


everyday poetics (solace) – February 10, 2020


everyday poetics (today’s sky) – September 25, 2019


everyday poetics (featuring) – August 5, 2019


everyday poetics (is worth finding) – July 27, 2019


everyday poetics (found bird drawing) – June 15, 2019


everyday poetics (building on what is built) – June 1, 2019


everyday poetics (and so it was) – March 13, 2019


everyday poetics (walking on Bow Falls) – February 15, 2019


everyday poetics (“I did my job. At least I made you smile,” he said) – November 2, 2018


everyday poetics (result of an early snowfall) – October 15, 2018


everyday poetics (crumbs) – October 8, 2018


everyday poetics (the texture of light) – October 3, 2018


everyday poetics (everyday) – September 9, 2018


everyday poetics (nothing is) – August 20, 2018


everyday poetics (abracadabra) – August 7, 2018


everyday poetics (waiting) – June 22, 2018


everyday poetics (E to S) – June 6, 2018


everyday poetics (a morning visitation) – April 26, 2018


everyday poetics (oh) – April 10, 2018


everyday poetics (out of sorts, out of season) – March 19, 2018


everyday poetics (fragile) – March 19, 2018


everyday poetics (?) – March 19, 2018


everyday poetics (sunset) – March 19, 2018


everyday poetics (recovery) – February 15, 2018


everyday poetics (erasure) – November 16, 2017


everyday poetics (like a bird) – August 20, 2017


* * * 


These postcards are printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer, on MOAB’s Entrada 100% rag paper.


* * * 


With this practice of everyday poetics, I don’t necessarily create a new postcard every day. It’s an everyday, not an every day, project. There might be a stretch of time when no postcard is printed, while on other days there might be multiple moments that I end up working with. What is daily however, is that I try to be open to seeing/sensing moments of everyday poetics.

(November 15, 2018)


* * * 




With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping me mostly inside the apartment, one of the things I thought I could do, is to try and mail out more everyday poetics postcardie letters. I thought that maybe finding a tangible, physical, personal piece of mail in one’s mailbox would be something others might appreciate, especially at this time when we’ve been asked not to gather or to visit with each other.

I have stamps. And thankfully last month I bought a new box of MOAB’s Entrada Rag Paper, so I can keep printing postcards. Well, at least until I run out of printer inks.

Last week I figured out that it takes one stamp to mail out an envelope with three postcards in it. So although in the past my postcardie letters would often be longer, at this time I’m limiting each letter to three postcards. This way, I don’t need to make trips to the post office to get my postcardie letters weighed. I can just drop them in a mailbox, whenever I go out for a short walk (keeping a distance of 6 feet from others, of course).

Today, I’ve started to make envelopes since I ran out of the store bought variety. And I’m remembering how satisfying it is to be making what I need from scratch or with whatever I have on hand. This process I realize is also comforting.


(Tuesday, March 24, 2020)


* * *