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a full moon & two rabbits with black tipped wings

Christmas Eve, 2015

The last occurrence of a Christmas full moon was apparently in 1977 and the next such confluence won’t be until 2034!

I took these two photographs with my phone on Christmas Eve and while they aren’t all that clear, they do seem to carry a sense of the cold that night.

Right after glancing up at the full moon, I saw two white rabbits with black tipped ears. It made me think about the text images in my 2006 bookwork until my body says sleep (Kokyo)In the spoken portion of the bookwork there’s the appearance of “with black tipped wings slowly flap flapping” and in the heard part of the bookwork, “with black taped wings”. The following is a portion of the heard text:

“She Being. She the young woman. She the crane. The scrap. The not be shunned, named as Asia. The release of stories. She, writing this stuff to crazed eye crane through the night. She, that crazed eye crane, with black taped wings slowly flap flap being. Her slow sound reaching the inner year like the soul of a party dress. Wishing, swaying, moving through the night, with feet off the ground.”

Now, whenever I think of that Christmas full moon and those two rabbits, I think of the rabbits as having black tipped wings.

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