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what was

In Vancouver, British Columbia on Thursday, February 1st, 2024, I went text walking from 784 Granville to 52 W Cordova Street, and then back again.


This poem grew out of that text walk and is written for 52 W Cordova, which was one of my paternal grandmother’s addresses in 1942, when they were forced to leave their homes and the west coast. Now 52 W Cordova exists as an alleyway, as parking space, as a gap.



This what was poem is part of my still, not still project. It exists as a foldout broadsheet piece, as well as being integrated into the larger project’s fold.

The following is a view of the inside of the foldout broadsheet.


*     *     *

The photograph of me in that alleyway was taken by J. D. Brown.

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