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Deer Lake for f

On September 25th, 2008 while living in Washington, D.C. I received this postcard from Deer Lake, Newfoundland in the mail. It was sent by f.

Whoever f was, she or he had my current address and from the note on the back of the postcard they obviously knew me.

During the following week I continued to ponder who f might be. I didn’t know anyone from Newfoundland whose name started with an f, and no one whose name did, had mentioned that they were going to be traveling there.

I ended up creating a postcard series (in five parts) and mailed out the series to everyone in my address book whose first or last name began with the letter f. None of the responses I received indicated that they were the mystery f however.

And to this day I don’t know who actually sent me that Deer Lake postcard.

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