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Greetings from Banff (August 5, 2007)

This postcard piece was created in Banff, Alberta during a residency at the Banff Centre. I had gone for a walk and found myself wanting to share something of that experience. Normally my instinct would have been to take a photograph but since I had an injured back, I didn’t carry my camera with me that day. So instead I scribbled down a textual image, and then went back to the studio to work with that text, to create this postcard piece. It was created initially for J.B. but I ended up deciding to send it to other friends as well, as Greetings from Banff.


*   *   *


To my delight, the postcards were postmarked with a Banff hand stamp by the post office.


On September 5th, a month after the initial Greetings from Banff (August 5, 2007) postcard, I decided to play around with my spoken & heard process (using ‘iListen’). And this One Month After postcard was the result of that.


Then on September 6th, this a month and a day after postcard was created using that same spoken & heard process.


For more info on my spoken & heard process, you can check out the page for the bookwork until my body says sleep (Kokyo).

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