everyday poetics is an ongoing postcard series that I started in August 2017. I began this project as a way to keep working, even when my body or other circumstances made it difficult to immerse myself in works that demanded more of me. And now it has simply become a part of my practice. I also started this series as a way of being in touch with others, as I use the postcards to write postcardy letters, letting the particular images chosen for each letter and their order, offer a partial telling. The images, I feel, say as much as what I write on the backs.

There are currently 104 postcards in this everyday poetics series (as of September 25, 2019). Below are some of them.



everyday poetics (and so it was) – March 13, 2019


everyday poetics (walking on Bow Falls) – February 15, 2019


everyday poetics (“I did my job. At least I made you smile,” he said) – November 2, 2018


everyday poetics (result of an early snowfall) – October 15, 2018


everyday poetics (crumbs) – October 8, 2018


everyday poetics (the texture of light) – October 3, 2018


everyday poetics (everyday) – September 9, 2018


everyday poetics (nothing is) – August 20, 2018


everyday poetics (first time) – August 18, 2018


everyday poetics (abracadabra) – August 7, 2018


everyday poetics (waiting) – June 22, 2018


everyday poetics (heading home) – June 13, 2018


everyday poetics (E to S) – June 6, 2018


everyday poetics (a morning visitation) – April 26, 2018


everyday poetics (oh) – April 10, 2018


everyday poetics (out of sorts, out of season) – March 19, 2018


everyday poetics (fragile) – March 19, 2018


everyday poetics (?) – March 19, 2018


everyday poetics (sunset) – March 19, 2018


everyday poetics (recovery) – February 15, 2018


everyday poetics (erasure) – November 16, 2017


everyday poetics (like a bird) – August 20, 2017


* * * 

These postcards are printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer, on MOAB’s Entrada 100% rag paper.

* * * 

With this practice of everyday poetics, I don’t necessarily create a new postcard every day. It’s an everyday, not an every day, project. There might be a stretch of time when no postcard is printed, while on other days there might be multiple moments that I end up working with. What is daily however, is that I try to be open to seeing/sensing moments of everyday poetics.

(November 15, 2018)




2 thoughts on “everyday poetics

  1. Love these captured, created, non-manufactured moments…whose hand holds these little gems?

    • Baco says:

      Heather, thanks for your lovely note. Those are actually my hands in the photographs. If you send me your mailing address in an email, I’ll send you a handwritten letter on the back of some postcards from this series. Perhaps on some that you don’t see here on my website.

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